Thursday, April 17, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014 Magical Pixie Collection

Zoya Magical Pixie a new PixieDust formulation, amped up with spectacular sparkle creating the most magical, Zoya PixieDust ever! Three new never before imagined textured, holographic beauties... 
 Zoya Summer 2014 Magical Pixie Collection
 Zoya Summer 2014 Magical Pixie Collection


Three new hues in Zoya’s BEST-SELLING ultra textured, matte, holographic Magical Pixie formula to love!
  • ZP763 - Arlo: Violet Amethyst Magical Pixie. 
  • ZP762 - Ginni: Pink Tourmaline Magical Pixie. 
  • ZP761 - Bar: Nude Topaz Magical Pixie.

  1. Zoya PixieDust Application:
    For best results apply 2-3 thin coats of polish for full coverage to a clean oil free nail surface. Allow product to dry completely for full effect. Do not use a base coat or top coat. Top coat can be applied for additional glossy effects. 

Colors will be available for PRE-ORDER on starting now!
Product is expected to begin shipping in early May.

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